We are proud to be sponsors of this years itSMF Conference with title "Skupaj do odličnosti".

The conference is dedicated to mastering current multidisciplinary knowledge, which is dictated by technological innovations and new business models of service delivery. The content will be particularly interesting for all those who are responsible for managing and introducing innovations in business, and of course for management representatives who are aware of the impact of novelty on business strategies.

Skupaj do odličnosti

Mr. Rok Sajovic from ITSM Center d.o.o. is also going to be a speaker at this years conference. 

In presentation with title "Back to the Future" he will speak about how organisation should approach to their digital transformation strategy including 3 different views: process maturity, people maturity and technological maturity. He will also speak about the speed of current parallel world of blockchain and how he sees this technology can fit into digital transformation strategy.

Conference is going to be held on 23. and 24. October 2017 on two separate locations - IBM Innovation Center and Zavarovalnica Triglav.

More information at: https://www.konferenca-sdo.si