No matter where you are in your digital journey, we can help you achieve digital excellence - much before your competition does! With the consumerization of IT becoming a global phenomenon, an integrated consumer focused strategy is indispensible to effectively monetize demand, create brand awareness and drive multi-channel business model. At the same time organizations need to be agile and flexible to be able to go to the market quickly, drive efficiency and respond immediately to new opportunities and changing customer demands.
We don’t just help you build software. We help you deliver that holistic experience to your customers helping you drive your innovations to the market faster.

Digital Transformation is about influencing Customer Experience, Business Innovation & Business Efficiency powered by Disruptive Technologies and Processes. How to go about the Digital Transformation (DT) journey can get extremely complex as DT could mean a lot of things with varied objectives, complexities and covering vast area of the enterprise. Our objective is to simplify the digital transformation initiatives for businesses.

Our Digital Transformation Consulting methodology enables a structured approach for digital technology adoption and optimal transformation of the business to achieve Digital Transformation with a clear roadmap and a joint vision. Our consulting engagements typically span anywhere between a week of orientation process to eight weeks of creating Digital Transformation blueprints and strategy.

Service Apps - The interface to the future

Service Apps platform, gives organizations the ability to provide apps and portals to their users anywhere and on any device - mobile or otherwise. This platform enables you to deliver your digitally transformed business through several key features described below.
main apps
Service Catalog and Self-Service
apps 1Using Service App templates for service catalog and self-service portals (or creating your own from scratch with the Service Apps technology) shifts the time spent to higher value activities.
Drag-and-Drop, Codeless Creation
apps 1EasyVista’s Service Apps technology allows even the most novice of users to build custom portals. Users drag-and-drop pre-built widgets onto a canvas to build portals in minutes.
Mobile Responsive
apps 1Portals and apps created with EasyVista’s Service Apps technology support both PCs and mobile devices - automatically scaling and using built-in phone functions regardless of the phone manufacturer and OS used.
Pre-Built Integrations
apps 1By using EasyVista’s pre-built integrations your organization can tie operations tools like Splunk and our ITSM platform with development tools like Trello into one cohesive app experience. These integrations enable you to bridge the “IT divide” between operations and development, establishing a common language, and solving complex problems.
Integration Builder
apps 1Organizations often have custom applications for which prebuilt integrations don’t exist. Not a problem. EasyVista’s platform comes complete with a built-in Integration Builder - a GUI-driven tool that makes creating custom integrations easy.
Ease of Administration
apps 1When it comes to apps, managing multiple apps across multiple OS versions is time consuming and costly. With EasyVista you manage your apps from one central location managing only one version of each app, regardless of the OS or device type.
apps 1In today’s complex IT environment, staff is too busy focusing on resolving incidents and challenges to build compelling apps and portals from scratch. EasyVista provides widget, apps, and portal templates out of the box for its customers to configure to fit their needs.
Next Generation Reporting and Dashboarding
apps 1With users more and more mobile, having access to data in a consumable and telling form anywhere at anytime is a need, not a want. Use built-in, dashboard widgets to create compelling visual stories with data coming from multiple tools and departments – providing a truly holistic view of IT service performance.