Project Management consultancy

1 pm life cycleWe will support your organisation in managing projects with the PRINCE2™ and Agile SCRUM methodology. We can assist at any stage of the process, or any part of a stage, and even undertake the complete process to handover.

We have a range of techniques and off-the-shelf products that enable us to provide cost effective solutions and services.

Our team can provide you with all the experience to deliver the project. Our project management is certainly convenient, and almost certainly the most cost-effective approach - you pay only for the services you need, get a team who hit the ground running and you do not have to worry about what to do with the people at the end of the programme.

What is often overlooked though, is that the independent view and broad perspective are more likely to be accepted throughout the organization, resulting in the buy-in to the new scenario. These skills are the reason our experienced project management specialists are in such high demand.

Project Documentation preparation

We can assist you with the experienced help for preparation of your Project documentation. We are specialized for Projects aiming for non-refundable EU funds. We can prepare investment plans, Gantt charts, product breakdown structures, etc.